Price guarantee

Always best price in store!

If you bought an item in a physical Dogman store and find it at a better price within 30 days of your purchase, we will refund the difference.

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• The condition is that the item is identical, and is available in a Swedish/Norwegian physical Zoo shop.

• The lower price must be valid when you request the price guarantee.

• You need to show documentation of the lower price, eg a picture or a receipt.

• If you bought the item with your payment card, you need to bring the same card, as well as your receipt.

• The price guarantee only applies to regular prices!

• The price guarantee only applies to (Physical Zoo store), i.e. Granngården is not such a store, nor is Eko-Hallen, etc.

• The price guarantee does not apply if the price to be matched comes from a seasonal sale, temporary or local sale, campaign or exhibition model sale.

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